Extraction and Filling

Extraction and Filling

Teeth are considered as the most significant part of human functionality. If you want to lead a happy and healthy life, you first need to focus on oral health that can’t be completed without healthy teeth and gums. However, everyone always tries to have healthy teeth and gums, but despite of the efforts, many of the individuals have to deal with dental issues. However, you don’t need to worry at all as modern dental science has solutions to every dental issue. There could be various treatment options to go with, but the most popular one is extraction and filling. Here, you will grab complete information about filling and extraction. So, let’s keep reading it.

So What Is Filling?

A filling is a kind of method that can be used to restore a damaged tooth back to its usual shape and function. The procedure of filling comes with great care and cautions. When a professional gives a patient filling, he or she may first remove the damaged of decayed tooth, clean the highly affected area, and yes then performs filling.

By closing off big spaces where germs may enter, a filling may also assist people in preventing further decay or damage. Now, the question arises here what types of materials are used when it comes to tooth filling? Some of the most common materials are –

  • Gold porcelain, which is a fused of resin or tooth-colored fillings
  • Mercury
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • And tin

Which Type of Filling Is Right?

Actually, no one kind of filling can be a right option for everyone. What is right for an individual may not be a right choice for another individual. So, if you want to know about a right filling, you should first know about various types of filling option. Actually, choosing the best filling largely depends on various factors such as cost, requirements, condition of a tooth, and various others. Thus, if you want to choose a right filling keeping your specific medical requirements and budget in view, you should first know about available choices, like:

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are created to order in a well-organized laboratory, and then officially cemented to a position. It is found that gold inlays can easily be tolerated by human gum tissues. It is a highly durable option as it lasts more than twenty years. However, it is considered as the best option to go with, but it is also very expensive to go with. This might be a reason why most of patients with limited budget avoid going with this type of filling.

Silver (amalgam) Fillings

This type of filling is resistant to wear and very affordable. But due to its dark color, it can be more noticeable than usual porcelain restorations.

Plastic (Composite) Resins

It is the best option for individuals who want to grab the same natural color for their most visible teeth. The essential ingredients are thoroughly mixed and positioned directly into the desired cavity. They are not ideal option for bigger work. If you are going to choose this option, you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco.

Porcelain Fillings

It is also called as onlays or inlays. Porcelain fillings are produced to order in a laboratory, and then placed on the tooth. They can easily be matched with the tooth color.


However, every individual wants to keep his teeth for a lifetime, but due to various situations, many of the individuals have to deal with tooth decay. There could be situations when your dentist may recommend you to get rid of a damaged or affected tooth. This is the point where you need to look for extraction.

Types of Extractions

There are basically two types of extractions to choose from i.e. surgical extractions and simple extractions. Now, the question arises which type of extraction is needed for a patient? Actually, it depends on the existing condition of a patient.

Can I Avoid Extractions?

Yes, to a certain extent, tooth can be saved with the help of Root Canal Treatment. A severely damaged tooth can also be treated but if the situation is out of control, you need to embrace it. If your dentist notices that a damaged or decay tooth may create issues for rest of teeth and gums, he may suggest you going through a surgical extractions.

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