Dental Care in Pregnancy

Dental Care in Pregnancy – Points that Every Mother Should Know

Pregnancy is considered as the most sought after experience of a woman’s life. However, it is a great experience that every woman wants to enjoy, but it also comes with a range of health issues. Therefore, if you are going to be pregnant or you are already pregnant, you should be very conscious about your overall health. In case of not taking the pregnancy seriously, many women have to deal with different types of health issues. Therefore, you are highly advised that you should be very conscious during pregnancy. However, there could be various things that should be taken into consideration during pregnancy, but dental care in pregnancy is certainly a significant point to consider.

A pregnant woman should ensure that her oral health is well maintained to prevent health issues to her own growing fetus. It is found in several studies that a pregnant woman with oral health issues has enhanced the chances of delivering a baby with lots of health issues. Usual dental issues can be a reason behind periodontal disease. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid any potential oral health issues. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to look for ways through which they can be able to enjoy great oral health. Are you still confused? If yes, then you should go through stated below points.

Tooth Decay in Pregnancy

The key reason behind the tooth decay is the enhanced amount of acidity in mouth especially during pregnancy. Vomiting and frequent nausea may also increase the gastric acid that could be a reason behind teeth decay in a pregnant woman.

Loose Teeth in Pregnancy

Since the level of pregnancy hormones such as estrogen and progesterone dramatically increase, a pregnant woman may have to deal with loose teeth issue. Increasing amount of pregnancy hormones lose tissues and ligaments that support the teeth. It is certainly a threatening oral health condition that should be taken very seriously. So, if you are a pregnant woman, you should be very conscious about controlling the increasing amount of pregnancy hormones.

Gum Related Issues

Apart from loosening the human teeth, the enhanced amount of pregnancy hormones may also create gum inflammation. If it is left uncared or untreated, it may lead you towards a baby with a lower birth weight as well as pre-term birth issues.

Pregnancy Epulis Can Be Threatening

It is a condition where a pregnant woman may experience swelling of gums that may lead towards bleeding and various infections. This condition needs higher standard of expurgation and professional care in several specific cases.

What Should Be Done?

Having gone through aforementioned dental issues or oral health issues, now you must want to know how to get rid of these issues. There could be various options to go with when it comes to enjoying good oral health – from cleaning your teeth to grabbing professional assistance from a dentist. Regular dental checkups can help you preventing potential threats to your overall oral health. If you are pregnant, you should not forget consulting a professional dentist. An experienced dentist can help you securing from the potential birth issues.

Cleaning of Teeth is Necessary

It is found that pregnancy may enhance the issue of gingivitis. Therefore, if you want to avoid this potential tooth threat during pregnancy, you are advised to clean your teeth regularly. For this, you should choose a right dental paste. Brushing regularly can save you from potential issues. Being a pregnant woman, it is your duty to remove food remains and other substances from the mouth.

Healthy Oral Health Regime is Needed

Apart from daily cleaning of your teeth, pregnant women also need to follow a strict oral health regime. Therefore, daily rinsing of your mouth with pure water is needed. You may also choose mouthwash to eliminate acid buildup, germs and other stuffs from the mouth. Moreover, pregnant women are also advised to not brush immediately after vomiting. If you do so, you are likely to enhance the chances of damaging your gums due to high amount of acidity available in the vomit.

Choose Appropriate Oral Health Products

It is certainly the most significant point to consider. It is usually seen that many women avoid choosing right products. Therefore, you are highly advised that you should concentrate on choosing right products. It is seen that many women concentrate on choosing dental products with high advertisements. Here, you need to remember that you should concentrate on two products i.e. a soft bristled toothbrush and a paste. Since there are different types of oral health products available in the market, you may be confused on determining a genuine product. Now, the question arises that how to choose a right oral health product.

You need to choose products that can help you getting rid of food remains and other stuffs. If you are confused on choosing a right dental product, you should get in touch with a professional dentist. An experienced professional can help you choosing a right product to get rid of all sort of oral health issues.

Strict Diet Needed

There is no doubt that there is a direct relation between health and foods. The meals you take may affect your overall health. The same rule can also be applied when it comes to getting rid of oral health issues. Thus, you are advised to choose right diet. You first need to choose a right diet keeping overall health in mind. If you are really serious about dental care in pregnancy, you need to concentrate on choosing a right diet. If you are confused on deciding what you should eat, eating vegetables can be a right choice. For more information, you can consult any dietician or even a dentist.

Avail Services of a Dentist

However, it is true that healthy diet can help you grabbing good oral health, but still you need to look for professional help. For this, you need to avail services of a dentist. This is the point where you may get confused on finding a right professional. However, there are various dentists available to go with, but you need to avail services of a right one. Now, the question arises here how to recognize a right professional. For this, you need to take a few things into consideration. You need to look for an experienced dentist with great work history. You should avoid hiring a professional with no success record. Now, you may be confused on where to find out a right dentist. This is the point where you need to look nowhere else but internet.

Oral Hygiene Needed

It is seen that the key reason behind increasing oral health issues is the negligence of oral hygiene. Therefore, you need to concentrate on oral hygiene. You need to adopt healthy oral habits. You should avoid chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol and smoking. Instead, you need to eat fresh foods, drink pure water and do exercises.

Most Common Concerns and Queries for Dental Care in Pregnancy

It is usually found that many women get scared when it comes to availing services of a dentist. If you are also among such pregnant women, you need to get rid of all the misconceptions or myths. Let’s check out stated below most common concerns and queries about dental care during pregnancy. Dental Care in Pregnancy

Use of Anesthetics

The usual root canal and filling procedure need anesthetic especially to nub the affected area. However, this practice is really safe and secure for pregnant women, but still there is much misconception about the same. If you are also struggling with such a misconception, you should understand the fact that the use of anesthetics may not affect the overall health of a woman and her fetus.

Myths about Dental X-Rays

It is usually assumed that exposure to dental x-rays may affect the overall health of a pregnant woman and her fetus. But it is not true. If you need to go through dental x-rays during pregnancy, you won’t need to worry about the same. But yes, you should not forget informing the dentist about your pregnancy.


If you are going to take medication to get rid of certain oral health issue, you need to let your doctor know about the same. You aren’t supposed to take medication even without informing your doctor about the same. There is no doubt that during pregnancy, special cautions should be taken. Thus, you should not forget informing your dentist about your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Dental Health

However, there are various pregnant women who may not need to go through a dental health treatment, but many women aren’t so lucky. So, if you want to deliver a healthy baby, you should not forget going through a dental health checkup. Going through a medical examination can help you whether you should chose dental treatment or not during pregnancy. Pregnant women should always remember that tooth decay, loosening of teeth and other oral health issues could be life-threatening for their fetus. Thus, if you want to have a healthy baby, you should be very conscious about your overall oral health.

Breast Feeding and Dental Health

There is a direct relation between the breastfeeding and dental health. Oral health is needed if you want to feed your newborn baby with natural milk. For learning more about dental care in pregnancy, you need to visit us.

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