A Multispeciality Dental Hospital & Experienced Dentist
in Kukatpally near Vivekananda Nagar

Dr. Nageswar Rao Kanamaneni is an experienced dentist in Kukatpally near Vivekananda Nagar and heading a Multispeciality Dental Hospital. This dental hospital offers Painless RCT, Cosmetic Dentistry, Gums Treatment, Smile Design, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Complete/Partial Dentures, Dental Implants, Maxillofacial/Oral Surgery & more. Besides the best treatment with guaranteed post treatment results this hospital put more emphasis on infection control by adhering to very high standards of decontamination & sterilization.

The hospital boasts of highest quality dental experience coupled with a relaxed and warm ambiance for all those visiting the hospital. Bringing a smile on our patient’s face is our top priority and for this, we offer exceptional preventive and cosmetic dentistry services. This makes us one of the preferred choices for Dental treatment in Multispeciality Dental Clinic in Kukatpally near Vivekananda Naga.

All our facilities aim towards attaining exceptional dental care in the most comfortable surroundings. We understand the anxiety of our patients and all their needs, and deliver accordingly the most advanced dental treatments as this dental hospital is equipped with advanced and latest machines & equipments.

Explore options for getting your beautiful smile back

Crooked tooth, lost your teeth in an accident or having an uneven teeth, all can be treated to give you that "Your Beautiful Smile"

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Advanced Dentistry

Full Mouth Rehab

Get your confidence back with Dental Implants

Painless RCT

The advanced RCT, No Pain & All Gains.

Gums Treatment

Advanced treatment for bleeding or receding gums.

Photo Gallery

Check few cases treated by us.

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Our Dental Hospital

We continually invest in our practices and equip ourselves with state-of-the-art dental technology increasing our diagnostic capacity, allowing us to provide you with the most effective and least intrusive treatment.

Patient Care

Decontamination & sterilization

Our dental hospital has maintained very high standards of decontamination & sterilization. Our each dental specialist is experienced & takes care of our valuable patients in every possible way.

Dental Cases

Check our few cases, showcasing what advanced dentistry can do to restore your smile & confidence for eg. "how full mouth rehabiitation can change any individuals lifestyle & living", check it now.

Quality Services & Best Prices

Every year there is an advancement in dentistry & is going better & better, which means that one can expect more in terms of results post treatment which means oral health in excellent shape. Moreover how the treatment works and what it costs, we are very much transparent in our procedure & costing.

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